Panagiotis Venetoklis

Panagiotis Venetoklis lived as a scholar in Rhodes in 19th century. He was initially educated in Rhodes and then in Smirni by teachers of the gender Koumas and Economou, and then he stayed in Rhodes permanently.

His works, which are still in existence till today, proves that he had a qualified education. He was a spirit base of the island, adding to the spiritual development of Rhodes. He offered important services to Rhodes during his life, as well as to the post. People of Rhodes gave them precious information at that time for the island.

The names of some of his works are: “Poems”, “Greek Grammar”, “Short notes in which words and proverbs of our Greek language, from the disorders of the blessed wise Korais and from the Cypriots of Professor A. Sakellariou.

The collection of his poems consists of ten odes, epigrams and sayings. Click here to read the poems.

Panagiotis Venetoklis visited the villages of Rhodes and recorded words and expressions of Rhodian dialect, comparing them to other dialects. He also recorded local proverbs. Click here to read his work “Short Notes”.

His works elevate Greek culture and the Rhodian spiritual treasure, and also his personal ethos against the odds, in a regime that was ravaging the Hellenism and the Greeks.

The sapient of Rhodes, Panagiotis Venetoklis, died on September 11th, 1847 in the entrance of the church of Agios Nikolaos. In the slab of his tomb is written: “I wrote in Rhodes on November 25th, 1963, P. Venetoklis (he wrote it himself). He died on September 11th, 1847 (added after his death)”

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