The knights of Rhodes

In 1309 captured Rhodes was known by a lot of names. Their formal title was “Knights of battalion of the Hospital of Saint John or Ioannites Knights or Knights of Malta, even knights of Rhodes.

The famous battalion of knights was founded by Genardo Tenk who was a monk and guided a hospital in Jerusalem according to a thriller. With the cover of Jerusalem from the crusaders and the acclamation of Genardos for the offered services, the hospital attracted a lot of monks and undertook a measure to protect the people getting into the military. The good results of their actions were spread. After the kicking out of the Christian forces, the battalion continued its actions in Rhodes and later in Malta.

The hierarchy of battalion is as follows:

Knight of the justice

They have to come from aristocratic family at least for four generations both from the mother and father side. From those, the military and governor members of the battalion are elected.


They were priests of the battalion. They made the holy duties and followed the battalion everywhere. They were divided into two categories: those who performed the holy duties in Rhodes and those who offered the appropriate action in Europe.


They were sergentes of the guns and the servants. Sergentes of the guns served the knights and have the ability to be made knights. The servants served the hospital and the guest rooms as they have not the appropriate titles of nobility in order to be made knights.

The knights have taken the lonely oaths “of the justice” but they could be made in special circumstances knights without being monks and they also made the oaths of “chariots”.

They swore their purity, poverty and obedience, fighting for the faith

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