The Cinema in Rhodes

What characterizes the dynamics of the Aegean islands and the multidimensional aspect of Rhodes? Its History! So, the first postwar years, the cinema in the History of Rhodes started its action with colors plucked from the pages of Italian occupation, the German occupation in order to reach the desired release of the Dodecanese.

The directors are mesmerized by the blue background of the Aegean, the beautiful landscapes of the emerald, the sunny island of Rhodes, which hosted dozens of Greek and foreign films in a secret and historical corner.

So spectacular, the wonderful Rhodes will make his first appearance on the big screen in 1948 with the film of Michael Gaziadis “Anna Roditi” and starring Lambros Konstantaras. One of the most important postwar films, dedicated to the Greek nation.

He opened the film “curtain” and on the next few decades great artists follow him on stage with films worthy of the prestige befitting the island of Rhodes. “Cruise in Rhodes” directed by John Dalianidis 1960 and the famous “Nights at the Miramare” directed by Orestes Laskou.

The shots of the island that adorns the Aegean are enviable by many writers and directors who choose to appear in successful films such as “The Bait”, directed by Alekos Sakellariou, the “Girls for Kissing” of John Dalianidis, “Something tired guys” by Nikos Dimopoulos, etc. In the coming years as the big screen illuminated; the illuminated and the artistic side of Rhodes… Reference point for the film path of Rhodes, was Lucia Rikaki who made known the Rhodes through the works of “Hold On”, “Children’s Choir” and the creation of the festival «Eco films», giving a new cultural touch to the island.

The glorious name of Rhodes as a protagonist does not stay hidden in the great artists from abroad, who seize this opportunity and come to the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes to shoot their own movie. On 1960 Yul Brynner stared in «Sunrise Package», filmed in the breathtaking Lindos and on 1961, Anthony Quinn, included the footage from the island of the Knights into one of the greatest films of all time, the “Guns of Navarone.” Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Paul Belmondo for «La chasse à l’homme» visited Rhodes and in 1979 many famous actors come to the island for the filming of «Escape to Athena». The shooting of «High Season», was hosted at Lindos in 1987 and the film «Pascali’s Island» in various parts of Rhodes in 1988. Scenes from Rhodes also appear in the film “Oh Jerusalem” by Elie Chouraqui and «Idegolo»  by Gergely Fonyó in 2006, and in El Greco’s John Smaragdis 2007.

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