Royal Springs of Kallithea

In the famous Cape Vodi, as they are known – since ancient times – Mineral Springs of Kallithea. Red water is gushing from the source and is characterized as chlorinated. The temperature is 17 ° C – 18 ° C and 0.6 units of radioactivity Mache.

The waters of Kallithea were approved for treatment of ailments of arthritis, skin diseases, obesity, diabetes, tropical diseases, dysentery, malaria, allergies, asthma, cystitis, diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

The Springs of Kallithea are a wonderful architectural building, eastern rhythm and hides a big story. In 1927 the study of water began there and in 1928 the building of the royal facilities by Petrio Lombardy began. The facilities were inaugurated in 1929 by Italians and since then the place attracts thousands of visitors. These facilities included in the largest of Eastern Mediterranean. From the main entrance, the visitor goes to a square with round fountain and the stairs that follow the slope. The second entrance that leads to the main staircase covered the right and left columns that supported the canopy, full of bougainvilleas. Then the stair leading to the cloister, right and left in a circular installations – where are the workshops and offices – and continues with stairs leading back left and right in the main Rotunda dome height of 14 meters, elaborately decorated and constructed so that the natural light to pass through the blue stained glass diamond.

From the colonnade leading to the three arches of the gallery remedies refreshment of water. Towards the waterfront the caves were formed to house the cafeteria and restrooms and are located just across the dance floor and the position of the orchestra. All external walls were decorated with marine motifs and the bay was covered with small alleys – with all kinds of trees and pergolas leading to the magnificent circular building with a garden-plant Vespasian. Also in the center of library there was a fountain.

The waters of Kallithea were coming from Saint Irene – Back Therma, from the source of Ippocrates in Kos – Front Therma and the source of Kallithea in Rhodes. From all the waters the final mixes were:

  1. Kolompaki, mixture of 2/3 hippocratean source water and 1/2 Kallithea source.
  2. Serena, mixture of 1/3 hippocratean source water and 2/3 Kallithea source.

The waters from the source of Hippocrates were characterizing as diuretics and laxatives, from the source of Kallithea strong laxatives and diuretics, and from Saint Irene bile stimulants. The treatments were drinking therapy and ampelotherapy.

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