Folk couples for Tharri

 My God give me enlightenment and wisdom to correctly say this story.

The story that I will say has beauty and charm, listen and learn how Tharri was built.

Once upon a time it was a king and princess that used to love her and wanted to give her everything.

He wanted her to have all the kingdom, to become a lady and a queen on the earth.

But she fell ill seriously and had a sorrow in her heart and a dizziness in her head.

Her illness was contagious and the King brought her here to die.

The king turned this place into an exile in order to prevent the illness which was contagious from spreading in all over the city.

He left her two deer to accompany her, to kill snakes and protect her.

Rhodes used to be named as Fidousa, because there were many snakes and other reptiles.

And the queen that was sick, used to drink deer milk and was alive as a poor girl.

The Queen was living with deer mils and the herbs of the earth.

A hunter appeared and came to hunt a deer and wild boars.

The hunters used to hunt in the woods for century for bats, with rocks and slings.

The hunters found the deer and tried to kill them but missed it.

The deer were running with tremulousness and they went to the grassland where the shepherdess was.

The hunters thought that they were hit so they ran to the grassland to find them killed.

The hunters were stunned and a bit afraid when they saw the queen hugging the deer.

The queen was also afraid of killing her deer.

She told them “In the name of God these deer are mine and I survived and was cured because of them”

She told them “In the name of God don’t kill them, tell to the King that I am well cause of them”

Go and say to the king of the city that his daughter is well.

The hunter went away running and reached the city and said that the king’s daughter is well.

When the King learned the news, he ordered his army to get ready quickly and travel in the place where his daughter was, in order to see her and believe it.

They started as a light and they reached as a thunder when they saw the queen they lost their mind.

The daughter had the beauties of spring and because of  that the Monastery of Tharri was built.

The King wanted to build a church and gave to his daughter all the power.

She threw her ring with power in order to see where she wants it built and till they saw where it went but they lost it and were searching for it “I suppose it is there or there…” everyone was saying.

They found her ring and they gave it back and they built instantly the church.

And when they built the church, what will be its name? I suppose this, or this… so they called it Tharri.

We name this church Tharri and everyone who visits it finds salvation.

We name this church Tharri and everyone who hasn’t come to see it, he won’t be happy with the world.

I invite the entire world to come and see it, to light a candle and pray.


Nikolaos Chatzikonstantakis writes

from Laerma.

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