The battalion of Knights in Rhodes

As it was said there were a lot of races that was installed in Rhodes, so the Ioannitis Knights arrived in the island from Cyprus, looking for a new shelter for their battalion. For the conquerer of Rhodes Magistros Fuk de Villare and Vin Vinioi cooperated in asking money aid from England and France.

They gathered their forces in Lemessos of Cyprus, from there they sailed to Makri and from there they got into the island with the help of unfaithful rebel in 1306. Initially they captured the seaside of Rhodes and then the forts but it took four years to capture the whole island. So on 15th of August 1309 they capture the city and the island.

After Rhodes was captured the Ioannites Knights gave it the name “Knights of Rhodes” and Masters was called “Great Masters” – “ magnus master”. The Great Masters with his council stayed in the palace. Since 1309-1522 in Rhodes there have been about 19 masters.

The first years from the installation of the battalion in Rhodes, there were conflicts among the Knights but they succeeded to resist the Turkish siege in order to capture Rhodes.

During their installation, the Knights with the leader of Big Master repaired the walls and constructed the forts, shipyards, developed the ceramics and protected the local world. After a lot of fights, disagreements and sieges, the Turks threatened to capture Rhodes and in 1457 succeeded to disembark the army in the village Archagelos. The Ioanites Knights enforced the forts so as to be ready in order to face the difficult situation. So in 1468 they accepted a big siege from the ships of Turks in which they resisted with huge losses. After this hit the repair of the walls gave the Island its shape today. After a lot of orders the battalion of knights gave the forts to the local people in order to be protected from enemy’s invasion. After a lot of problems and Turks raids, the siege after which Rhodes will be captured by the Turks begun on 26 June 1522. The strength of the enemies was great but great was the resistance of the people. Greeks and Latins fought till the end. Finally, after six months of siege the big Master and Souleiman capitulated and the city of Rhodes was surrendered to Turks on 22 December 1522.

The battalion of Knights was registered in Rhodes for 213 years (1309-1522). With a common target the Christianity and the goods of the island, with the residences of Rhodes a lot of people fought for the goodbye of Rhodes with the knights on 2 of January 1523 because they afraid of the results from the siege by the Turks.

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