The legendary ‘Behold is Rhodes, behold is the leap’

Wherever you go in Greece, when you mention that your ancestry is from the beautiful island of Rhodes, someone will probably ask you where does the phrase ‘Behold is Rhodes, behold is the leap’ originate and everyone is waiting for a response concerning the wild life that takes place during the summer months in the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes.

The real origin of this famous phrase has its roots in antiquity and comes from an Aesop’s fable, “A Boasting Man”.  According to this legend, once there was a male athlete inAthensand bragged, that is, constantly boasted that he had accomplished a huge leap in games inRhodes.

 Of course, none of the other Athenians believed his words and he was prompting them to travel toRhodesso the spectators of the games could confirm his statement. Then someone said “Why go toRhodes?” And went to the sandpit and wrote by hand in the sand the word “Rhodes”. So he said the famous “behold is Rhodes, and the leap” in modern Greek translation “Here isRhodes, here is the leap.” Apparently, the braggart sportsman changed city!

This phrase, now in its own way in every season and has been used by manyphilosophers, politicians, artists. It has translated, has received many variations and different meanings.

 The meaning of this phrase, however, is only one! There is no reason for anyone to boast, if anyone has the opportunity to do something, he  has the opportunity to prove at any time!

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