Rhodian Traditional Couplets of Love

  • It is impossible to light the candle without dropping nothing

and love cannot be founded with no sighing.

  • Whoever loved in young age, he has to take into account

that love has troubles.

  • Trouble make the person difficult and doesn’t see

and he does things that sometimes he shouldn’t.

  • Whoever passes the river and he won’t walk in the rocks

he is able to love.

  • If I steal let it be a jewel

if a girl loves, let it be a guy.

  • No, for God shake, don’t talk about love,

I also tasted it and it is a bitter,
a poison.

  • I was born to hurt only for one love

to beg for joy and sell pain.

  • Whoever doesn’t know to love, why doesn’t he ask to learn

That this world has troubles and love has passions.

  • If a girl loves and they don’t love her

like a dessert monastery that operates.

  • Don’t love a girl before you get loved,

before you see her eyes to run like a tap.

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