Rhodian Traditional Couples of Foreign Lands

  • The foreign in the foreign lands come back as a bird

and as a basil flowers but doesn’t smell truth.

  • Strange in the foreign land and he opened his grave

and alive to heritage hell.

  • You hate and all the birds cry your hate

and dark one cry your departure.

  • You leave and I order you to be secure as a glass

unschooled of sea.

  • Your hatred made my eyes to run

black tears drop in my heart.

  • I leave and shake hands, gold bay leaves

and I take my body but my mind is still here.

  • If you miss, my light, in the foreign, do you think I don’t remember you?

I pray and fall asleep with your name.

  • I want to climb the mountain, to find cut branches

to sit and ask for the foreign lands.

  • It was better to ask my eyes

to get them out instead of you travelling.

  • The stars war and I was writing and counting one by one

to send to my love a salutation in the foreign lands.

  • I send you news with the moon and the stars

and with the sun of the dawn I send you a salutation.

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