Rhodian Traditional Couplets of Sorrow

  •  Be strong my heart, and strong as the anvil

and as the lemon tree holds the lemon.

  • The sigh you say sometimes, I say it twice,

that I have a pain in my heart and don’t show it.

  • I cannot rise my eyes highly

and console my poor heart.

  • Whoever doesn’t have troubles and doesn’t want to have

come and ask my broken heart.

  • I sigh, mountains and forests get burned

if I sigh once more, the world will be destroyed.

  • I stand, I think and I admire it

how the mountains don’t break when I sigh?

  • Sighs and troubles, shut up

and let me sleep one day with no pain.

  • Let my eyes run as they run

no one gets hurt, they wet only the earth.

  • Let the sky be paper and the sea be ink

to write my passions but still it’s not enough.

  • To whom I should talk about my pain and my complain

that puzzled the troubles as snakes in my neck?

  • Anathema to the world who has no opinion,

other get born and others come to Hades.

  • Difficult life, difficult world, difficult society,

that you even turn love into tyranny.

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