Rhodes, colony of Doriis.

As the integral piece of Doric Exapolis, a commercial and marine action with new colonies for Rhodes was developed.

As the years went by the Dorik community of Rhodes were developed economically and spiritually, so it was created as an independent country and participated in the colonial movement of Greeks. In the beginning they made a colony in Tarso about 800 before Christ in Syria and 725 before Christ in Sicelia. Later they went to the near islands as Simi and Nissiros

The 6th and 5thcentury, before Christ was the development period of Rhodes. In the cities

Rhode's coins

of Camiros, Lindos and Ialissos, it began to make coins, something that proves the development of the merchant and shipping as well as the facilities in these sectors.

Also in Rhodes there was a cross road which combined the East with the West, the Aegean with the Black Sea and so it preserved the combinations with the neighborhood  such as Egypt, so its ships could travel for free in Delta of Niles.

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