Rhodes in prehistory

The beginning of the track record period has been in existence since 600.000 years before Christ. Since then during the period of stone, Rhodes decorated the Aegean Sea. Of course because of the long time since then the findings that have been saved are small. The archaeological excavations, presented neolithc and palaiolithic findings in several areas of Rhodes, as Lindos, Vathi etc.

Then according to the majority of historic information, Rhodes accepted the ancients who in the beginning stayed in the Acropolis of Ialissos, in which merchants from Crete lived, giving the name “Achaea”. Slowly, it spread all over Rhodes and covered it with the marks of Mykines civilization which found the three famous ancient towns Lindos, Kamiros and Ialissos.

For the sake of Mikines civilization Rhodes developed a wide construction and merchant of

Ancient Kamiros

vases which were spread all over Greece, so from some historical information which are based on the brandsof that period, it is considered the base of the country of Achaos.

Today in the island of Rhodes from the Mikines period, there are some vases, findings, graves as well as ruins of acropolis of Kamiros and Ialissos cities that have been destroyed in medieval.

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