• My kid is sleeping on the pillow

and moves his sleeve.

  • My little kid is sleeping in the three pillows

on Madonna’s knees and in the hug of Jesus.

  • Swing swing it and my sleep, make it fall asleep

and you my little quilt go and cover it.

  • Sleep kid of Rigas, grandson of king,

he has a stomachache cause of a laurel.

  • Sleep well and wake up again

in the Saint Tomb of Jesus to go and pray.

  • Sleep mint of the branch, branch of laurel,

that the King orders to go and get it.

  • Sleep my son, to get fed, sleep to grow up

clones and branches to cover the world.

  • Sleep with sugar and wake up with honey

and take a shower with cold water that angel drink.

  • Sleep star of dawn, sleep young moon

sleep, and spread joy to the person you get married.

  • Sleep, that you are fed with a mother and a father

like the boat in the sea with the ship owner.

  • My sleep, come and take him to the gardens of May

and throw to his embrace roses and violets.

  • Take it, my sleep take it to the garden of May

where there is mint that everyone envy it.

  • Take it, my sleep, to the grasslands

fill your lap with flowers.

  • The jujubes in your mouth, the roses on your lap,

the red roses on your cheeks.

  • Sleep and I ordered your portion in Smyrne

and your jewels in Constantinople.


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