Kleovoulos Rodios

Known as Kleovoulos Lindios. He lived in Rhodes in 6th century before Christ in ancient city of Lindos. He came from a royal family and he was son of Evagoras. He had a robust shape and he believed that he was descendant of Hercules. He was travelling to Egypt, where he learnt philosophy and wrote poems in three thousand epic. Also he considered to live in the same period with Solon. Also he was famous for puzzles and enigma as: “A father, twelve children, every child thirty daughters with different shape, other white in the face and other black and while they are immortal they die all” (the year).

 He governed forty years Lindos with prudence, that’s why he was elected continuously, he is famous as Lindos despot, but in reality he was not despot, and he took care for the development of his country.

He is considered a famous spiritual personality of the period and one of the seven philosophers of the ancient years. He died old enough about seventy years old and for his honour it was written for him “The wise man Kleovoulos  that died, his country cried for him Lindos is proud of him in the sea Kleovoulso grave was in Lindos”

 A lot of  apothegms other famous or not are made by him.

Some of them are:

  •  The measure is the best
  •  Think something important
  •  Don’t be made conceited and clumsy
  •  Keep the daughters by teaching to be girls in the age and women in prudence.
  •  You must benefactor your friend in order to be more than a friend and in order to make the enemy friend
  •  Exercise your body
  •  Be fond of learning and not ignorant
  •  Be a friend of virtue and unknown to the badness
  •  Don’t want the goods of others.
  •  Prefer to listen and not talk

And many others!

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