Althemenis was the son of Katreas, who was son of Minos and succeeded him to the kingship of Crete. Katreas had received a prophecy that we would be killed by the hand of one of his children. He had four children: one son, Althemenis and three daughters, Aeropi, Klimeni and Apimosini. When Althemenis was informed the prophecy, in order to kl avoid it, he left Crete and resided in Rhodes, building the city ofKritinia. He went up to themountainofAttaviroswhere he built a palace and thetempleofAttavirian Zeusto watch his homeland from high above.

 Sometime, Katreas grew old and decided to leave his throne to Althemenis. So, he travelled toRhodesby his ship to find him, but Althemenis from afar thought that they were pirates and during the conflict he killed his father with a spear. So, the prophecy was fulfilled. Althemenis lived inconsolable, until he died of his sorrow.

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