Anastassia the hero of Rhodes

The period of Hippokratia, simultaneously with the battalion of knights fought all the people in order to avoid the conquest of Turks. The warriors had the courage and the brave men and women as well. The knights stood beside the men warriors, took care of them and gave them courage.

 When Rhodes was beleaguered and kneed because of the Turkish enemies, Anastassia proved to be an example of the heroism. She was a beautiful Greek woman, whose husband was an English warrior – leader of a decree was killed in the first line. Then when she saw her husband’s death, run to the house kissed and hugged her two children and then, killed them and threw them in the fire so the Turks would not find her family.

 With courage she put on the bloody uniform of her husband and fought them. She killed and injured a lot of Turks when she came to the first line of the glory battle until she was killed.

 When Rhodes was freed, he was awarded remembrance with a panel, on the wall of the external entrance of Castello. There is an imitated book where Fontanos described the fact in latin and made a translation in Greek.

 Anastassia is an example of imitation and heroism.

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