Useful information for the travelers

Rhodes is the capital of Dodekanissa and having this as a starting point someone may travel in all of Dodekanissa. In Rhodes the visitor may arrive by plane or ship.

By plane

Flights to Rhodes are made to and from the airport of Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete as main the destinations or stop over. Some flights are direct to all the islands as Kos, Karpathos or Mytilini and other destinations. Furthermore there a lot of flights which are chartered to several destinations abroad, mainly during the summer period.  To and from Rhodes you may travel abroad having stopovers mainly in the airport of Athens El. Venizelos.

Sail to Rhodes from Piraeus and Crete as well as cruise ships  are combined with Rhodes and other Dodekanissa and some islands of Cyclades and Southeast Aegean. There are also ferries nearer to Turkey as Marmaras. Some ships are high speeds.

Useful phone numbers: 2241092893-88700

Rhodes Airport: 2241027506

Police: 2241027506

Police of Archagelos: 2244022236

Police of Lindos: 224431223

Police of Gennadios: 2244043222

General Hospital: 2241080000

DEH: 2241078590

Municipality : 2241046200

Euromedica clinic : 2241045000

Municipality: 2241022220 -28888

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