Nymfea and the God Apollon

In ancient Greece the Nymfea was known as the places where brides were adored. They are considered to be holly places and always the place where they were located attracted visitors, creating unknown feelings.

The brides were beautiful young women, of divine origin who lived in nature, on the mountain and the rivers. They were characterized by beauty and with their voices praised the Gods of Olympos.

The brides were divided into three categories: 1) Dryades, the brides of lonely trees, 2) Naiades, the brides of the rivers and springs and 3) Orestiades, the brides of the mountains.

The brides are famous for their love with the Gods, as Apollon. The most exciting story was that of Apollon and Dafne, who followed her. She could not afford him and she pleaded with her mother Gaia to help her. Her mother heard her and transformed her into a tree. Then Apollon was very sorry, cut a branch of the tree and put it on his head like a crown. With a lot of changes, about the love story of Apollo and Daphni it was concluded that the God choose as his crown a branch of Daphni. Since then it is his symbol and the Greeks awarded it a lot of times.

In Rhodes we meet Nymfea of unique beauty, in the ancient acropolis of the island, on the hill of God Apollon of Pithio and Smintheo and in the back side of the temple of Dias.

It’s going for four care temples, which are located in the rocks, with different entrances for each one which communicate with a large opening between them. The Nymfeo is devoted to God Apollon. In Rhodos, except from ancient Acropolis there are Nymfeon in the valley of Rodinio, sculptured tubes, pieces of the ancient wall.

Unfortunately the entrance in Nymfeo of Rhodes is prohibited because the entrances are closed by the appropriate authorities. They open it two days per year in order that visitors may enter. These days there is the possibility to walk among the sculptured rocks in order to discover the mystery of thousand years. Such places with unique duties and hidden story and tradition, cannot make the visitor follow the hidden paths.

We have been referred to Nymfeon on the hill of God Apollona, the origin of which is discussed and there are a lot of doubts a lot of times. Pithios or Smintheas. This doubt has to do with the origin of Apollon’s residence and how it has been proved that Apollon of Rhodes was from Pythio. It may be considered that in Rhodes there were religion fests “Sminthia” a fest devoted to Apollon Sminthea, so as to protect the plants from the big mouses (Sminthos = big mouse). The fest was made during the month of Sminthios, which was in the calendar of Rhodes inhabitants and it was the same with the month Pyanopsiona or Memaktiriona of Attica.

Even Apollon Sminthea went on Tria and he was adored in the area of Tria and Rhodes became famous after Apollon visits.

Some say that they are names of the God and describe a different person, who changes as the years go by. Respecting this opinion we believe that the name of Apollon of Rhodes was “Pythios”.

Dedicated to Apollona that guide me to the beauty of nymphaea and the Greatness of God Apollon!

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