Underwater Rhodes – The Real Beauty

Rhodes is a historic island which has been a crossroad of civilizations in antiquity. Boasting a unique culture, diverse nature, impressive architecture, perfect weather, beautiful coastlines and friendly people helps to make the island the first choice holiday destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Yet the beauty of Rhodes doesn’t end on the surface. An amazing world of supreme beauty is waiting for you under the sea.

Over than 220 km of coastline with different geomorphology provides divers with many different types of marine habitats, full of colorful yet harmless marine life.

Impressing underwater caves and caverns remind the volcanic history of the island wile hosting divers in some the most exciting excursions of their lives.

Vertical surfaces (walls), most of them very rich in marine life sink from the surface into the abyss challenging scuba lovers to test their limits.

Reef parts in different depths and orientations keep lots of different marine species and often welcome ocean visitors such as tuna fish, seals, turtles etc….a paradise for underwater photographers and videographers.

Old constructions, artifacts and other interesting items lie in the seabed boosting up divers curiosity for new discoveries and sometimes create a mystic atmosphere.

Shipwrecks are there also. A house for fish and a paradise for divers. A dive into history.

Shipwrecks are the most wanted subject between divers and we are lucky to have some of the most interesting wrecks here.

Underwater Rhodes is the perfect place for divers.

Combining beautiful dive sites, perfect visibility (exciding 20m some days), very good water temp (reaching up to 32 in August) and very well organized beaches, Rhodes is in the top ten diving destinations in the Mediterranean.

Visit Rhodes and descent into its underwater world.

We, the professional dive guides and instructors, are waiting you all for a fantastic Scuba Diving experience.

 Yannis Zouridis

Dive instructor – Director of H2O Diving Center

www.h2orhodes.com – info@h2orhodes.com

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