As soon as the road of Knights stopped on the left, you may meet a big Palace of Big Master known as Castello. It was built in the 7th century   and it was the acropolis of the first fort of the city. In the legends, it is referred that it was built on the ground of the Church of God Sun.

 When the city was occupied by the Ioannites Knights, the Palace was reconstructed to be the main residence of the Big Master, the commander centre of battalion. In a lot of sieges, the palace was the shelter of the people because it was strong and with safe construction.

Its figure was rectangular and its dimensions were 80×75 m. Also in the inside of the building is a yard of 50x40m. In the area of the basement are the kitchens, the stables, the store rooms while in the first floor there are the administrative offices, the halls and the apartments of the Great Master.

After the seizure of Rhodoes from Turkish the beautiful palace was made prisons whiles in 1865, it was destroyed after a big explosion in the nearby Church of Saint Ioannis.

But the story of the building does not end in glory.  The Italian conquered Rhodes after the order of the Italian commander de Bekki, they reconstructed it according to the initial plans of the knights. Their floors are designed from mosaics of ancient, roman and byzantine art.

Today the visitors of Castello, may admire two exhibitions in the internal rooms of the building, which re-enact the pictures from the foundation of Rhodes till today.

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