The Historical Shipwrecks in Rhodes

The findings in the seas of Rhodes confirm the rumors and the data that show that Rhodians from ancient times were famous and great sailors. In ancient times, no other State could compete with Rhodes in seamanship. In fact, for their naval organization, they created the “Maritime Code” which was first of its kind worldwide.

 The Marine Code of Rhodians consists of a large collection of nautical content provisions of the legislation of Justinian based on manners and customs prevailing at that time and written between the 6th and 8th century AD

Listed below are the most historic shipwrecks that occurred in the Sea of ​​Rhodes:

  • Along the coast of Rhodes, the submarine “Papanikolis” commanded by the master N. Roussen on 27 – 4-1941 sunk a 8,000 sq truck.
  • Another historic wreck was that of “Donizet” in which 1,584 died on October 23, 1943.
  • In the same sea area our submarine “Nereus” sank the Italian troop “Flume” on 09/24/1942.

Still, many sunken ancient Rhodian ships are on the seabed, each of which holds great historical data.

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