The Monastery of the Virgin Mary Amartou

The Monastery of the Virgin Mary Amartou is a small church in an area of incomparable beauty and wonderful view between the villages Kritinia and Embona. It is a small church with great history and the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary Amartou.

Although there are not many data saved for the monastery of Amartou, due to depredations and destructions, its foundation dates back to the Middle Ages. Its name is probably given by the French noble Amartau who used to have his tower in that area, close to the Monastery. The ruins of the tower can still be found at the place, destroyed by the passage of time. Another version is that the name of the Virgin comes fromSt.Martha, to whom the church was dedicated.

A written report to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Amartou was found in a historic decree of the Knights, according to which, the Great Magister Piere D’Aubusson gave permission to ten families from the islandof Chalkito settle in the area on 24th February 1493. The reasons of their colonization are unknown.

A bit further from the littlechurchofAmartouand elevated towards the sea, thecaveofAgiopetracan be found. The miraculous image of the Virgin Mary was found there by the Chalcians and from the rocks trickles holy water, which the pilgrims take with piety as a blessing.

The image was transferred a few years later after it was found to the small church that there is today and is a pilgrimage for all the villages of the area. Her grace is celebrated every Easter Tuesday and every 8th of September with festive rituals, evening prayers and traditional celebration.

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