Cruise to Rhodes

The film, which was screened in 1960-1961 season and cut 31,399 tickets, was directed and screenplayed by John Dalianidis. It was placed in the 16th place among 58 movies.

Mr. Panagiotis, the grand hotel receptionist of a grand hotel inRhodes, tells the stories of the residents of three neighboring rooms. In the first one stay Katrania Sophia and her daughter Vera, who have lost their fortune and are looking for a rich husband. Next door, stays a ship owner’s widow, Vivi, who doesn’t want to live alone anymore. Next to her stays Peter Rampou, a bankrupted Athenian seeking salvation in a good dowry. Vera falls for a handsome young man, Kostas, but her mother that she intended her to be the bride of Peter, reacts. But when she learns that Peter is broke, she changes her plans. Finally, Peter accepts the marriage proposal of Mrs. Vivi so he finds the lifeline he was looking for.

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