7th of March 1948-“welcome freedom”

The 7th of March is the landmark not only for the history of Dodekanissa, but also for all Greece, it is the last outstanding case for the foundation of the Greek country as it is today.

 The people of Rhodes and Dodekanissos were enslaved for many years; they were tracked to the barbarians, enemies, allies that were presented as friends without giving freedom to the inhabitants of the islands. They suffered tortures, poverty and for decades they lived the decline of their country.

They saw their beautiful islands to be pinned, to be destroyed and to be forayed but, they never lost their courage, they have never surrendered to the enemies, they always fought for their faith and country.

From the glorified place of Rhodes and Dodekanisos, passed the Turks, Italians and Germans, who’s opposite were the Greeks, they protected their national and religious identity, they fight for their freedom

 Mother Greece at the end of 2nd World war lives in freedom but an important station of her win, the islands of Dodekanisow, totally 14 are under the Italian dominance. The inhabitants of Rhodes lived the crude years of occupation for the Turks and even today they did not see the hope to be true. The meaning of the islands was so big for the   conquerors that fight till the end so that such a thing did not happen to the Greeks again.

 However, the Greek belief that if theyChalki, Kassos, Simi, Kos, Leros, Tilos and Kastellorizo and the nearby islands as well were added to the Greek Country since 28th of October 1947.

The end of transition period for the islands of Dodekanissos came with the definition of 7th of March 1948, as a festive day for the freedom of the islands. This day arrived with a festivity and full of flags of Greeks in Rhodes , The King of the Greeks Pavlos with the Queen Frideriki. After the National Hymn of Greece the Minister of Internal Affairs reads the King’s order.

Pavlos The King of Greeks

Regarding the attachment of Dodekanissos in Greece

We decided and Order

 Article 1

The islands of Dodekanissos Rhodes, Kalimnos, Karpathos, Astipalea, Nissiros, Patmos, Chalki, Kassos, Tilos, Simi, Kos, Leros and Kastellorizo, and the near by islands to be attached to the Greek country since 28th of October 1947.

The present law was voted by the Drevisory Parliament and is by us today verified and announced via the Newspaper of the Government and to be used as law of the Country.

Athens 3rd January of 1948 Pavlos A.

 The attachment of Dodekanissos to Mother Greece is reality. After many decades the island is free and may shout full of pride their national and religion beliefs. 

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