Seven Springs

In a landscape of incomparable beauty, in a heaven on earth one can find the area of the “Seven Springs”. The name comes from the seven real springs from which water gushes coming from the river Loutanis and they are scattered on a hillside.

 From these seven points, the water springs forming a small river, which passes 

through a narrow tunnel to reach a lake. The construction of the tunnel and all the projects in the area, were started by a French company and local workers in 1920 and were completed 11 years later. The tunnel is 150 meters long and 13 meters deep. Halfway, there is a well which serves as an airway and skylight, while the lake where the water ends, is enclosed by a barrier which is formed in the outpouring of a waterfall. The sweet and cool water of the lake is suitable for swimming and thus offers the visitor a unique experience. The lake has a depth of 1 to 8 meters and a length of approximately 200 m.

 Both the path to the Seven Springs, and the stream with the perennial plane trees and pines, are characterized by indescribably wonderful natural beauties. Limitless streams across the width of the stream, bridges, a lake with ducks and the famous Rhodian gizani (Ladigesocypris ghigii) which is a species of fish. Peacocks beautify the landscape with their majestic wings open, welcoming their visitors.

At Seven Springs one can see the grandeur of nature and is left astonished by how harmonious is the landscape and charmed by the experience to traverse the dark tunnel and swim in the crystal waters of the lake, which is the only lake accessible for swimming in Rhodes.

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