Handmade Driftwood Creations

Our handmade driftwood art creations are made by the owner of our store, with driftwood pieces and stones from the seas of Rhodes .

Take with you a piece of our land !


Beeswax Ointments 

Our beeswax ointments are handmade with the beneficial healing properties of the natural wax from bees in a  combination with olive oil and essential oils .

100% natural product!


Natural Sponges

Natural sponges are living organisms in the Mediterranean seas . A natural sea sponge is the best and most friendly cleaning solution for your skin .We get our sponges from the nearby island of Kalymnos .Kalymnos is worldwide famous for the sponges through the years .

Olive Wood Creations 

From selected and high quality Greek olive trees,  we offer you unique handmade creations . Olive wood is one of the most strong woods in the world , well known for it’s durability and elasticity .The strains of the olive wood create beautiful natural patterns .


Olive Wood Jewelry  

Unique creations based on real Greek Olive wood. A special gift for you self and your beloved people .



Melekouni is a traditional Rhodian snack that combines local honey , sesame , almonds and spices. A delicate taste with super benefits for your health .


Lava Stones 

Volcanic stones are creations of Mother Earth , while the lava from volcanoes meets the sea . Are well known for the exfoliating properties that they have . They smooth the skin and remove the dead skin .


Handmade Greek Pottery 

Our ceramics are custom made for our shop , with a special old looking technic and famous ancient Greek representations . They are 100% Greek,  made in Sasaris Laboratories in Athens .


Lava Stone Jewelry 

Handmade jewelry with volcanic stones . Our bracelets and pendants are handmade by us with precious lava stone beads . Unique creations with healing properties against negativity , they promote stability and calmness


Hand-painted Souvenirs 

In our shop we love to create our products and offer you unique souvenirs from our Island . Hand painted pebbles is one example of the combination of our art and an authentic piece of our place (pebbles , driftwoods etc )


Caper from Rhodes 

Caper is a green vegetable bush and adds a delightful touch to Greek dishes. Our Caper is hand collected by Rhodian fields  and is full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Taste them !



Our olives are from Rhodian fields made with excellent quality ingredients and only with 100% percent natural additives and they have kernel inside . They are hand collected from the village of Kritinia in east Rhodes .

Taste them!


Evil Eye Key-chains 

Evil Eye (in Greek “mati”) is a powerful symbol for protection against the bad energy – bad luck . Our Evil Eye keychains are hand knitted by us !


Hand-painted Pumpkins 

We create adorable hand-painted pumpkins. We combine the tradition with our art  to create a unique souvenir from our Island.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Our Olive Oils are extra virgin and cold pressed with low acidity. We have different types of olive oils to taste. All are from selected areas of Rhodes and Crete .The Greek Olive Oil considered the best in the world , a real super food for your health with amazing benefits.

Taste them !


Honey from Rhodes 

Honey is one of the most beneficial foods for humans with amazing health benefits . In our store we sell authentic honey from Rhodes .The Greek honey considered the highest quality in the world as a result of the huge variety of the Greek plants.

Taste it !


Local Liqueurs 

Local liqueurs from Rhodes are produced from the local company named “Sifonios”.

“Ouzo cafe” liqueur is one the most famous of Rhodes , it combines the famous Greek alcohol Ouzo drink with Coffee and a taste of anise.

You can taste them all !